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Disadvantages and advantages of Environment control poultry shed

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Closed chicken house use the control equipment such as artificial or microcomputer to adjust the internal environment of the house to meet the optimal growth conditions of the chicken. Closed ventilated ventilated entirely by the fan, the use of wet curtain ventilation system in summer cooling, winter generally do not specifically supply heating, but by the chicken body itself to distribute the heat, so that the temperature inside the house to maintain a more appropriate range. Chicken house lighting is based on different age of chicken on the needs of light, by adjusting the light intensity of lighting equipment and lighting time to complete

The disadvantages of closed chicken house : Closed houses and high investment in construction and equipment, requiring higher building standards and more ancillary equipment; feeding density is high, the risk of each chicken infection with each other; ventilation, lighting, feeding and drinking all rely on electricity, Require a reliable power supply, otherwise there will be a power outage, will have a serious impact on chicken production.


The advantages of closed chikcen house : 


Closed roof of the chicken and the walls are well insulated, with good thermal insulation capacity, can eliminate or reduce the cold and heat, wind, rain and other adverse natural factors on the impact of chickens , can artificially control the chicken sex Mature days, to provide a more suitable for the chikcens of living and production environment; poultry house surrounded by a good closed, basically can prevent the introduction of disease from the natural media pathways; can be controlled by the human light, is conducive to control the chicken's sexual maturity and stimulate production Eggs, but also to facilitate the implementation of restrictions on feeding chickens, forced plaques and other measures. Chicken body activity is limited and in the cold season chicken body heat dissipation reduced, and thus feed compensation has improved.

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