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Disadvantages and advantages of Semi-open chicken house

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Half-open house :  ( Economical chicken house )

Half-open chicken house is a kind of chicken house between an open chicken house and a closed house. It is a kind of feeding mode that utilizes the organic combination of natural conditions and artificial conditions. This kind of house increased of temperature, fan, cooling, lighting and other equipment on the basid of open house . 


When natural conditions such as light, temperature and other suitable for the growth of chickens , same as  open chicken house , using  of natural conditions can meet the growth and production of chickens . When the natural conditions are not suitable for the production and growth of chickens , such as the low temperature, you can start the heating equipment to provide the appropriate temperature for production; when the temperature is too high, you can start cooling equipment, The equipment is cooled and ventilated to the chicken house to provide a suitable environment for the production of the flock; when the outside environment is free of wind, the ventilation equipment can be ventilated.


Half-open chicken hosue it is need the manage peaple to pay attention to changes of the environment inside and outside of chicken hosue . When the external environment is suitable, use the external natural conditions, the external environment is not appropriate, it starts the equipment within the house to create the appropriate conditions.


Advantages of half-open house :  This kind of chicken house is affordable, energy saving, better than the open house, can use the evironment equipment against the adverse effects to chickens . 


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