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Farm equipment maintenance

- Jun 06, 2017 -

First, the choice of fans

When selecting a fan, focus on the key components that affect the performance of the fan, such as the case, the air hood, the motor, the fan blade, the rotary assembly, and the automatic opening of the shutters. Select the fan shell mainly to see the cold galvanized sheet thickness. Thin and easy to use, the fan into the windshield with galvanized steel and glass two kinds of materials, the choice of galvanized steel as well; with the matching motor power of 750 watts and 1100 watts 2, select 1100 watts of motor Good; fan type more material made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, color steel plate, from the performance point of view, should use stainless steel fan. There are two types of die-casting aluminum and cast iron. In contrast, the die-cast aluminum has better performance. The shut-off device has a centrifugal hammer and a gravity hammer. Style and wind blowing. From experience, the centrifuge hammer is more stable, the gravity hammer susceptible to dust, opening and closing failure. The wind is mainly used for 36-inch fan. The blinds mainly see whether the adhesion is excellent.

Second, the fan structure and working principle Fan mainly by the fan, blinds, window mechanism, motor, pulley, into the wind hood, the frame, chassis, safety net and other components. When the machine is driven by the motor to drive the blades to rotate, and the window opening mechanism to open the blinds. The shutters are automatically turned off during shutdown. Third, the use and maintenance of the fan

1, the fan should be protected when the long-distance transport packaging. The fan should be vertical, to avoid stress, collision. The handling process should be lightened to prevent damage to the fan. 2, in each batch of chicken before the fans should be a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. Bearings should be added lubricant, lubrication window straight vertical triangle elastic tape is appropriate, remove the leaves, shutters, motors and other parts of the dust. 3, pay attention to fan voltage. When the fan is in use, the power supply must comply with the fan nameplate and the voltage deviation should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage. When the fan is stopped, use the external force to open the blinds to avoid damage to the blindness. 4, the fan must be installed before the "equipment inspection - test machine" program. Equipment inspection first depends on the transport equipment in the deformation, damage, the connection parts are solid, blinds close (the window is normal, safety net is in place). Fan test machine to see the air volume, noise, vibration, energy consumption is qualified, if found to be fault should immediately stop. 5, if the fan should not be long-term storage in a dry environment, to prevent damage to motor insulation. In the rusty metal parts coated with rust-proof grease to prevent rust.

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