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how to choose good baby chicks ?

- Jul 31, 2017 -

How to choose good baby chicks ? poultry equipment .jpg

One look: to see the chicken's mental state, feathers clean and dirt sticky degree, beak, legs, wings, toes with or without defects, the action is flexible, the eyes are normal, Healthy chicks are lively, eyes are big, beak, claws normal, legs standing solid, fluff are whole, clean, full of luster, the length of normal, anal clean dirt, fast response to the sound, beak, eyes, legs, claws Not deformed.


Two touch: the chicks in the hands of grasping, touch fat, skeleton development status, abdominal size and softness, yolk absorption, umbilical ring closure and so on. Healthy chicks are moderate in weight, holding in the hands feel fat, full, struggling, belly soft, moderate size, umbilical ring closed well, dry, covered with fluff.


Three listen: listen to the chicken's call can determine the health status of chicks. Healthy chicks are loud and crisp.

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