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How to deign poultry farm shed ?

- Jul 27, 2017 -

1)    There are two type of poultry shed

   Poulry control shed , we call it close poultry shed  .   The emergency window, which is set up in this house, is usually closed except for temporary ventilation in the event of a power failure. Using mechanical feeding, mechanical ventilation, artificial light. Chicken in the artificial control of the closed environment, less interference by the outside world, is conducive to the growth and development of chickens and eggs. But a one-time investment, high construction costs, lighting, ventilation, cooling and so are inseparable from the power supply, the dependence on the power supply is very strong, power consumption is very large. No power supply can not be used. This kind of chicken house keeping a great degree of closeness, summer must have a good ventilation and cooling facilities, otherwise there will be hot dead chicken phenomenon.

open poultry shed , also known as window chicken house , during the day using natural light, by switching windows to adjust the ventilation and control the temperature. There are two forms of this kind of chicken coop, one is the window of the brick structure of the chicken coop, the other is the open roller house, by the shutter up and down to adjust the size of the window in order to adjust the ventilation and light temperature control. Roller coffers are well ventilated, but winter cold season insulation performance is poor, only suitable for use in the north of North China. Open-type chicken coop low cost, the use of natural light, natural wind, natural heat, so energy saving, but can not control the light, vulnerable to external interference. As long as the feeding and management properly, regardless of closed chicken coop or open chicken coop, the same can get high yield. Comparison of the neurotic type of chickens in a closed chicken coop may be better, this chicken coop environment is relatively quiet, the chicken from the outside world to stimulate, to maintain high and stable yield.


(2) poultry farm shed design and construction requirements

poultry house foundation and ground: the roof of the chicken should be 20 ~ 30 cm higher than the outside, the foundation should be deep, strong, in the groundwater level and more humid areas, the foundation should be high or laying on the ground under the tide; Easy to wash disinfection, but also rodent control.

   Poutlry shed structure: the best brick or wooden structure or the use of good insulation materials, if the roof for the asbestos, the requirements of the spine every 12 meters to open a ventilation floor, the roof for the three-tier structure (the most Layer is the asbestos, the middle layer is straw, the innermost layer is waterproof linoleum or color cloth), foundation, beam and roof and roof to withstand the maximum windbreak, flood control and snow protection requirements.

    Poultry shed size: according to each batch of chicken for each batch of 5,000 chickens designed to eaves to the ground height of 2. 6 ± 0.1 m, the length of the chicken house  is not more than 60 meters, the span is not more than 12 meters is appropriate.

Drainage: 30 ~ 50 cm away from the chicken wall feet drains (40 cm wide, 10 cm deep), if the chicken coop built on the slope, uphill also opened a drain.

disinfection pool: at least in front of each chicken coop disinfection pool (pad) and disinfectant hand basin 1 (fixed foot disinfection pool with cement, specifications about 50 cm long, 30 cm wide, 5 cm deep ).



Now many farm choose to use steel stucutre poutlry shed , compared with brick wall poultry house ,  it is installation fast , environment friendly , can removable .   


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