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Improvement of pig farm production technology and transformation of equipment

- Jun 06, 2017 -

With the development of China's science and technology, aquaculture industry is also continuous progress, the current consideration is not only to reduce the mortality rate also need to consider how to breed into high-quality pigs. So first of all we first understand the pig farm production process improvement and equipment transformation.

1. Growth, fattening homes and breeding homes can be simple. South do not have to build a closed pig; the north need to close the pig house, as long as the density of pigs is reasonable, but also no insulation facilities.


2. pregnancy site positioning column is also OK, column also line (3-5 head column best). Pregnancy column floor also have a little slope, conducive to dry ground.


3. Production room to design high-bed, nursery bed to design high-security bed. These hardware devices are essential. Number of nursery units = number of weeks of care + 1 week (empty week), the number of child care units per unit is 1/2 of the number of units per unit.


4. Maternity and care homes must be designed or modified into a full-out unit type. Many traditional farms can not do this and should be transformed right away. The full range is the primary condition of large-scale pig farm disease control. Delivery room required number of units = lactation weeks +3 (after weaning the original column for one week, sow labor for one week, empty column a week).


5. between the breeding homes and delivery room to set up a sports ground. Each batch of weaning sows first rushed to the stadium for three days and every day with boar polyculture aphrodisiac, do so, is conducive to weaning sows timely tempering breeding.


6. Green facilities on pig farms may be adapted to local conditions. If the introduction of the so-called advanced environmental protection equipment to engage in environmental protection, I am afraid not many pig farms can afford to invest can also not last long. At present, the majority of pig farms in China's successful conservation of environmental pollution patterns are: fish pond ecological model; fruit forest ecological model; farmland buffer mode; reservoir two, three precipitation model. And all these models as long as the addition of a production process - dry manure cleaning manure separation, it can. To create a conservation-oriented green pig system is to face the needs of reality.


7. Welfare pig farm new model construction in our country also said too early, its investment is too large. China's pig industry is a low-profit industry, the concept of welfare pig is currently only suitable for a very special benefits of the original pig farm.


8. Heating and heating with warm air equipment is very good, both conducive to ventilation, but also reduce fuel costs.


9. Pigs of some small equipment, the use of errors should also be noted that: UV lamp disinfection has been proved to be no big effect, many pig farm sterilization room is still using the UV lamp disinfection to use automatic sensor spray disinfection equipment; Pig pig herd sterilizer to use adjustable high pressure spray / washing machine, back sprayer, hand pressure sprayer and other disinfection disinfection is not complete, should be eliminated.

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