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new type simple Automatic broiler Farm Machinery

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Basic Info

Product Description for broiler poultry cage 

  • Model NO.: 3H108/4H144/5H180

  • Usage: Chicken

  • Dimension: 1.4 L X 1.60 W X 2.3h Meter

  • System: Automatic Feeder & Drinker

  • Water Supply: PVC Plastic Tube with Drinkers or Nipples for Chic

  • Trademark: Santow

  • Type: Vertical H-Type Frame

  • Material: Steel Mesh with Zinc Plating

  • Feeding & Drinking: Well-Equiped Drinker & Feeder

  • Shelf Life: 13-15 Years

  • Others: with Strong Trough for Chicken

  • Origin: Henan, China

Poultry farm machinery for broiler cages
1. Vertical 3-layer or 4 layer;
2. Strong Steel Wire Mesh
3. H-type Vertica
Advantages of our Vertical Breeding Cage:

1. Strong International standard Metal Mesh

2. Very easy to configure as per our instruction.

3. Flexible, long shelf life, and reasonable design

4. Net cages easy to control and well-equiped with accesseries.


broiler cage Dimension: 1.4 L x 1.60W x 2.3 H, 4-layer Cage

Space: Can feed 395-400 Chicks; Usually 85-135 Broilers

According to the weight of the chicken.

Effectiveness: Space-saving design, more energy-saving during

The feeding time. Labor-saving during the feeding work.

Design: Reasonable space improve the survival rate greatly.

Equipment: Well equiped with PVC Trough; Special nipples or drinkers

Cage Frame
Cage Processing
Raw Material for processing
Layer Welding Processing
Net-Making Welding Processing
Steel Wire Straighter Processing
Frame Spot Welding Processing
Cage Cutting Processing
Edge Trimming Processing
Cage Galvanizing Processing
Cage ready for being assembled

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