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Smart pig equipment become pig artifact!

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Over the past year, "fool type" intelligent feeding equipment - "pregnant sow intelligent feeding station" and "smart porridge feed feeder" quietly appear in the market, and rely on the equipment is simple and practical and the user's reputation , At an alarming rate quickly by a large number of pig farms. Set off the wave of pig industry, a pig farm artifacts of industrial pig farms. "


Pigs know - fattening feeders


Today, we have to analyze the "fool type" intelligent feeding equipment, in fact, according to relevant information shows that 10 years ago, "pregnant sow electronic feeding station" to enter China, the final 1, pig equipment operation complex, The operator requirements are too high 2, the daily work of equipment seriously rely on after-sales technical support, China's pig farms generally remote transport, manufacturers of service is difficult to keep up with the time, the equipment is not a timely repair. 3, not fully proved, not suited to production needs. So in any new ideas and research results are to do a good job of market research and experiment. No matter how advanced the idea, no matter how the application in foreign countries in the country are not feasible.


"Intelligent Congee Feeder" is a combination of pig feeding habits, in accordance with the actual production of pig farms to create a smart device, with a simple "fool" operation, the operator can only know the word can operate. Easy maintenance, equipment parts such as damaged staff can be directly replaced, equipment maintenance is no longer an electrical thing. Equipment compared to the traditional equipment not only to meet the needs of consumers to protect the wet with feed, but also increased the intelligent industrial control system, induction control that even if the production. In the conservation of labor at the same time to create profits for customers, effectively improve the feed remuneration. Is a new generation of pig artifact!


Intelligent device advantages:

1, eat less meals, induction control, that is, ready to eat, not waste, all day can eat fresh porridge material; 

2, intelligent automation, reduce labor intensity, improve pig efficiency; 

3, to improve the daily gain of piglets and feed efficiency. Shorten the feeding cycle;

4, to reduce feed waste, reduce costs;

5, through the feeding of equipment can make nursery pigs grow well fast, live healthy.

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