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Summer diet of five kinds of diet feed

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Summer hot season pig appetite is not good, heat polydipsia, fatigue, lethargy, not only affect the feed intake and growth and development, but also to milk, weight loss decreased significantly. Years of pig production practice has proved that in the pig feed with some cheap green health diet diet, can also play a heat Jieshu, promote growth, prevention and treatment of disease, and can reduce the cost of feeding, improve pork quality, improve environmental conditions , Increase economic efficiency. Now introduced 11 kinds of cheap green food can be found around the feed, pig farms and pig farmers to choose.

1, garlic

Garlic in the allicin can effectively inhibit livestock and poultry pathogenic bacteria, this article from the pig farm power network. Increase the appetite of pigs, garlic also has a qi stagnation, warm spleen and stomach, detoxification, insecticide and other effects, can effectively prevent piglets intestinal disease, edema disease, trauma and suppurative infection. In the pig feed to 3% to 5% of the proportion of chopped garlic, not only can increase appetite, improve the quality of meat, so that the meat flavor thicker, and can significantly increase the daily gain. In the pig feed to add 0.2% garlic powder, can enhance immunity, reduce the incidence of the disease, piglets can increase the survival rate of 5% to 8%.

2, orange peel powder

Orange peel powder has a variety of nutrients, can enhance animal appetite, promote the rapid growth of pigs and enhance disease resistance. In the feed to add 5% orange peel powder, daily gain can be increased by 12%, each weight loss lkg less feed feed 0.28kg, feed reward increased 10.5%, carcass weight and net meat weight has also increased.

3, pine needles powder

Pine needles contain 19 kinds of amino acids and rich in carotene, vitamins, trace elements and antimicrobial pine needles antibiotics. The majority of mountain pig farms can be added in the feed 5% pine needles, daily gain can be increased by 10% to 18%. Fattening period shortened 30 to 40 days.

4, purslane

Purslane commonly known as grasshopper, taste acid cold, human large intestine, liver, can be fresh feed can also be fed. In the pig feed to add 2% to 8% dry powder (fresh purslane commonly used amount of 60 ~ 120g. General should not be used), with heat detoxification, cooling blood, bleeding, Zhili function. Pigs often eat purslane, dysentery, Escherichia coli, typhoid, paratyphoid bacilli, etc. have significant antibacterial effect.

5, grass

Grass, also known as Lara seedlings, Lala and so on. Grass contains crude protein, crude fat, no nitrogen extract, coarse ash, glucose, volatile oil and other nutrients. Grass is not only nutritious, but also a cure for disease. In the pig feed to add 5% to 10% dry powder or fresh grass, its sweet, slightly bitter, cold, with heat diuretic, Qingyu detoxification function.

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