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The advantages of fully automatic feeding system

- Jun 06, 2017 -

In pig production, handling feed is not only a waste of labor, but also bring the risk of disease.

Most pig farms in China still use traditional artificial feeding methods, low degree of automation, low labor productivity, large feed wastage, manual adjustment of feed quantity, and can not accurately meet the needs of different pigs for feed.


Pig automatic feeding system can be a good solution to these problems.

Automatic feeding system is widely used in foreign pig farms, and China's automatic feeding equipment for pigs is still in its infancy, the advantages of automatic feeding system are:


(1) regular quantitative feeding, especially sow feeding.

(2) to avoid restraint caused by stress response.

(3) cut off the spread of the disease.

(4) save labor.

(5) convenient and fast.

  • Large Breeder Farm Pan Feeding Equipment
  • Steel Frame Feed Mill House
  • Steel Frame Prefabricated Pig House
  • Modern Breeder Farm Chain Feeding Equipment
  • Full Set Modern Farm Broiler Poultry Cage Equipment
  • Light Steel Structure Broiler Shed

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