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The high-quality and durable light steel structure chicken houses

- May 25, 2018 -

The high-quality and durable light steel structure chicken houses, promoted the scale of farming, intensive, standardization, modernization and further development. we recommended to use this type of chicken house.the advantage of chicken house as follows:

1, The construction period of light steel structure chicken house is short, it is shortened by 1/3 or so than traditional chicken houses. It can speed up the construction period of farmhouses, reduce the pressure of capital occupation, reduce the risk of market changes, and increase the investment efficiency of farms.

2. Lightweight steel structure houses require a corresponding reduction in the foundation carrying capacity, which can greatly reduce the cost of foundation construction.

3, Light steel chicken house is well sealed, can be done without dead angle, can hide the steel structure, it is more conveniently for cleaning and disinfection.

4, Hot-dip galvanized and anti-corrosion, excellent structural design, anti-seismic and wind-resistant, using high-quality thermal insulation material, good insulation performance.

5, Steel building materials can be recycled, environmental protection.

light steel chicken house

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