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Tips for the construction of piglets

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Before the pig, as long as you know how to raise, but now pig different, you have to learn equipment, vaccines, drugs and other knowledge, and you have to build barn, many boss lament, and now keep a pig is not easy ah.

First, know pig temperature:

Excessive temperature is too high to affect the consumption and weight gain of pig feed. The suitable temperature range for pig breeding depends on the variety of pig breeds, age, physiological stage, feeding conditions and so on. According to the formula: T = 0.06W +26 to calculate (T that the temperature, W said the weight of the pig weight), such as the weight of 100 kg of pigs, the maximum weight gain rate of the appropriate temperature of 20 ℃.

Second, know the air humidity:

Humidity, pig disease resistance weakened, is conducive to the growth of pathogenic microbial growth, pig susceptible to scabies, eczema and respiratory diseases. When the relative humidity from 45% to 95% high, the daily gain of pigs decreased by 6% -8%. In the temperature 11 ℃ -23 ℃, relative humidity of 50% -80%, the best effect on the pig fattening.

Third, the known air flow speed:

Hot days, air flow is conducive to heat evaporation, pig to more ventilation. Cold, air flow to enhance pig heat, increase the degree of cold. When the temperature is 4 ℃ -19 ℃, the pigs affected by the airflow are 25% smaller and 6% heavier than the pigs affected by the airflow. Winter pig farm air flow rate of 0.1 meters per second -0.2 meters is appropriate, the maximum not more than 0.25 meters.

Fourth, the known light:

The intensity of light has a significant effect on pig metabolism. Appropriate weakening the light intensity of pigs, feed utilization can be increased by 3%, weight gain increased by 4%.

Five, know the captive density:

Improve the stocking density, you can make full use of effective space, reduce pig costs. And reduce the density, to ensure that the growth and development of pigs need space, can reduce the intake of feed, and can reduce the space caused by small habits such as excreting, biting and other problems occur. Therefore, reasonable control of feeding density.

Six, know the ground slope:

Pigs eat, sleep, pull the triangle positioning, easy to bar cleaning and disinfection, and no water. There is a certain slope in the place where the floor is to be eaten and sleeping.

Seven, know the bar width:

The aspect ratio of the pigsty should be reasonable. If the piglet length, width is small, is not conducive to the growth of pig activity. The more the shape of the pig house is closer to the square, the more in line with the behavior of the pig.

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