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Well Designed Poultry Broiler Automatic Chicken Poultry Farm Equipment

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Broiler farm cage equipment 

Basic Info of broiler equipment 

  • Model NO.: H type

  • Type: Feeding

  • Material: Wire Mesh

  • Product Name: Poultry Broiler Automatic Equipment

  • Max Raising Density: 50 Kg/M2

  • Raising Quantity: 64 Birds-120 Birds/Tier

  • Cage Type: H Type

  • Transport Package: Standard Packaging

  • Origin: China

  • Condition: New

  • Tiers: 5 Tiers and Up

  • Usage: Chicken

  • Size: 3000mm*1820mm*450mm/2000mm*1800mm*450mm

  • Raising Area: 5.46m2/Tier

  • Lifespan: 15-20 Years

  • Specification: 3 tiers/4 tiers

  • HS Code: 84362900

Product Description of broiler cages 





      Best Price Well Designed Poultry Broiler Automatic Equipment

---------------------------------------------------PRODUCT INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------
Poultry Farm Layer Cage Feature (Broiler  Cage)
Different chicken broiler cage system,the price is different.There are two kinds of broiler
cage system.
1.Automtatic broiler harvesting cage system
This kind broiler cage system is most advanced broiler cage in the world.
It is fully automatic,automatic feeding,automatic drinking,manure removing,automatic broiler
harvesting .

a.Each tier equip with two water lines and one feeding line.There are 2 feeding pans
and 12 nipples for drinking.
b.The max raising density is 50kg/m2.The raising quantity per tier is up to the adult
broiler weight.
2.Manual bird harvesting cage system
This kind cage is economical and practical.The cost is much cheaper than automatic
bird harvesting cage.
The difference of the two kind cage is the bird harvesting way.
With this manual bird harvesting cage,We catch the broiler from the cage one by one
when sell the chicken.
It is also automatic feeding,automatic drinking,automatic manure removing.


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