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What are the equipment for breeding laying hens?

- Jun 06, 2017 -

The facilities for the breeding of laying hens are as follows:

1, chicken coop. Divided into young homes, in the homes, prepared chicken coop, into a chicken coop.

2, disinfection facilities. Chicken farm entrance with disinfection pool, the production area at the entrance of pedestrians disinfection pool and changing clothes sterilization room, each house should be set up at the entrance of disinfection pool.

3, cages. Divided into chicks cage, breeding cages, egg cage.

4, feeding equipment. Feeding machinery and troughs. Feeding machine with chain feed machine and plug-type feeder; trough common with long-shaped trough and bucket-shaped round trough.

5, drinking water equipment. There are trough drinking fountains, tower-shaped vacuum drinking fountains, nipple-type drinking fountains and other types.

6, but also have clear manure equipment, heating equipment, lighting equipment, ventilation equipment, according to the actual selection of the field.

7, fecal processing has a fixed chicken manure storage, stacking facilities and places, storage places are rain, fecal leakage, overflow measures.

8, epidemic prevention medical equipment.

  • Full Set Large Modern Broiler Farm Production Equipment on the Ground
  • Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse for Logistics Center /coldroom /hotel /shopping Mall
  • Steel Structure Workshop for Factory Production
  • Steel Frame Prefabricated Cattle Shed
  • Light Steel Structure Layer Shed
  • Light Steel Structure Broiler Shed

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