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Why should the pig use automatic drinking fountains?

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Water to maintain the normal life and production of pigs is very important water shortage will affect the normal physiological function of pigs, and even cause disease, affecting growth and development. In the feeding conditions, a pig with a day to provide 75-100 liters of water, pregnant sows, boars, 30 liters of pigs, young pigs and pigs for 15-20 liters.

The traditional way of water supply is, every morning, afternoon and evening feeding, immediately put the water into the drinking water tank. The biggest drawback of this way of water supply is: because each time the water must be removed when the remaining residual water, one is a waste of water, the second is to increase the humidity of the pig, the health of pigs are harmful.

The use of automatic drinking fountains (especially the large number of pig), one is to save labor; Second, pigs can often drink to clean water; third is to save a lot of water.

Duckbill water dispenser for each 10-15 pig drinking water, generally installed in the drinking water area on the water pipe. Its structure is simple, by the duck body, stem, plastic valve and fixed spring and other components. Pig drinking water, the duckbill body in the mouth, squeeze the stem, to overcome the spring pressure, so that the valve stem valve and water pipe center deviation, so the water from the drinking water into the mouth of the pig. When the pig mouth away from the stem, the stem under the action of the spring, the automatic return, drinking water to stop the water. Commonly used duckbill water dispenser outlet diameter is generally 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm, the flow of water per minute 2000-3000 ml and 3000-4000 ml. In the use of automatic drinking fountains, should always check for leaks or damage, so that timely maintenance.

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