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China Broiler Floor Raising And Cage Raising Equipment Differences.

- Jan 11, 2019 -

China Broiler floor raising and cage raising equipment has many differences, pls check some as below  for reference.

In the area of broiler breeding, two reasons have put pressure on the traditional ground and online plantations: first, as the country becomes more and more strict in all aspects of resource control and environmental protection of breeding land, Land is becoming more and more difficult to find, resulting in higher and higher input costs of aquaculture; In order to further improve the scale and land utilization rate, only through the scale effect to improve the efficiency of breeding, one after another, their own chicken coop was changed into cage. In order to create higher production efficiency, aquaculture practitioners began to use a high-density, multi-layer, three-dimensional cage breeding model. 

broiler floor raising poultry equipment

Cage broiler breeding has the advantage of scale and management, and three-dimensional or stepped cage farming is quietly emerging. This kind of breeding way is the development trend of broiler breeding in the future. In 2015, Mekedo Group had done the experiment, the net flat raising of the chicken coop area is equal with 3 layers of stacked cage rearing: the way of breeding: 16000 broiler chickens were stored in the net and 30000 were stored in the three layers stacked cage design. Chicken breeds: the high quality broiler variety Aiba Yi plus (AA) was selected as the experimental breed. Results: the number of cage breeding was 1.97 times of that of the control group, and the number of days in the column was the same. The survival rate was higher than 2.68%, the consumption of feed was decreased by 0.15 kg, the utilization rate of feed was increased by 6.6%, and the average weight was increased by 0.10 kg. 

broiler cage poultry equipment

Because of the larger density of cage rearing, the weight of the column is not much different. Conclusion: the consumption cost of caged chicken is 0.46 yuan, that of motor insurance product is 0.27 yuan, that of worker's salary is 0.67 yuan, that of coal burning is 0.35 yuan, and that of other expenses is 0.23 yuan. The cost of single chicken was increased by 0.31 yuan, and the net profit of single chicken increased by 2.68 yuan. In the long run, the commercial broiler caged broilers have significant technical advantages over those on the net, which can increase the number of aquaculture per unit area, improve the production performance, reduce the incidence of blight, save the production cost, and have remarkable economic benefits. It can also save land resources, reduce environmental pollution, improve the quality of products, and effectively solve the problems of difficult farming, serious environmental pollution and frequent blight, which are in line with the scale, standardization, and industrialization of China's chicken breeding industry. The development requirement of ecologicalization. In general, the development trend of broiler breeding will be: ground level-net flat-stereoscopic cage, the future will be less and less, cage will be more and more.

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