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Current Situation And Characteristics Of Greenhouse In China

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Plastic greenhouse, in the shed and solar greenhouse for China's major facilities structure type. Which can make full use of solar thermal resources, energy conservation, environmental pollution reduction of solar greenhouse for our unique. China's solar greenhouse area in 1997 has more than nearly 16.7 million hectares. A new generation of energy-efficient solar greenhouse promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with the relevant departments to test, each year can save about 20 tons of coal per acre. The use of single-layer film or double-layer inflatable film, PC board, glass for the cover material large modern multi-span greenhouse, with high land use, environmental control, high degree of automation and easy to mechanize the operation and so on. Facilities cultivation technology continues to improve and develop new varieties, new technologies and agricultural technology personnel investment, improve the scientific and technological content of facilities and horticulture. Has been cultivated a number of protection facilities for cultivation of low temperature, low light, strong resistance to the facilities for the special varieties. The use of plant nursery, grafting, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, soilless cultivation techniques, small machinery, biotechnology and microcomputer control and management improves labor productivity and improves the yield and quality of cultivation. 

At present, China's greenhouse use of hot galvanized pipe (plate), covering materials are mostly glass, double inflatable film, PC board, etc .; also developed a variety of environmental control system and computer monitoring system; for soilless cultivation , The selection of fine varieties has reached the international leading level, but the application of the results is still very limited; in the greenhouse machinery farming, only a small amount of nursery, transplant and other equipment, mostly by the introduction of equipment or manual operations.

The lack of effective management system and mechanism, not yet the production, processing, sales organically combined, and some simple greenhouse structure, poor equipment, the environment is difficult to achieve comprehensive control, production management and operating level is still far lower than abroad. China's facilities agriculture currently has many problems such as low land use rate, blind introduction of greenhouse, unreasonable facilities structure, serious energy waste, high operation and management costs, low management technology, low labor productivity and low yield per unit area. China's commercialization of greenhouse penetration is very low, high and medium grade commercial greenhouse is mainly used by some organs, military, farm and scientific research units, rarely used by individuals and farmers, ordinary farmers use the most self-built simple Shed shed, accounting for more than 60% of the total greenhouse in China.

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