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How To Choose And Control Sow Feed

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Sow breeding can be divided into the reserve period, weaning empty period, pre-pregnancy, late pregnancy, lactation five stages. The selection and control of these five stages of feed should vary depending on the condition of the sow.

1. Reserve back sows in the growth and development stage.

High quality, nutritious feed is essential for sow's body development and reproductive system development. Less than 6 months old sow feed selection, large pig (the market price of the full sale of particles) 1: 1 with green fodder, allowed its free feed. 6 months to the sow before the selection of the market price of the sale of the full price of empty material, 1: 1 with green fodder. Dairy cakes, rapeseed cakes and mildew feeds that are hazardous to the reproductive system are strictly prohibited at this stage. Appropriate limited feed, to prevent sow fat, affect the estrus, ovulation.

2. Weaning empty period of empty period refers to the normal weaning to the period before breeding.

Sow after weaning usually about a week of estrus breeding. This stage of material selection and improper control will affect the sow breeding cycle. Empty sows are often weaning 1 to 3 days after weaning stress, easily lead to mastitis, fever and other illnesses. At this point, combined with the weaning control of the weaning sow is very important. 2 meals a day, quantitative feeding, must not let its free feed caused by the disease. Feed can not be a sudden change, should choose the market sales of large pig material or empty material, weaning within 3 days, the breast will gradually replaced with empty material or large pig material. Appropriate increase of light diarrhea bran and juicy green green fodder.

3. Pregnancy refers to the period from pregnancy to pregnancy 80 days.

The control of this stage of the material on the breeding of fetuses, increase the number of litter size to promote the role. Empty sow by breeding after the limited amount of feeding, regular meal, the daily feeding of 2 to 2.5 kg is appropriate (depending on the sow slimming body condition), the appropriate increase in green fodder. Fed to 20 days after the gradual recovery of sow normal food intake. Do not feed moldy, metamorphic, frozen, irritating feed, to prevent abortion.

4. Late pregnancy is 80 days after pregnancy to the fetal delivery stage.

This stage of fetal development is rapid, calcium, nutrition needs to increase rapidly. Material selection is not easy to cause sow paralysis, piglets weak and sick. This stage is usually said "attack tire". Feed should be gradually replaced by breast milk, appropriate to the bone soup, if conditions permit, in the daily feed to add dry fat or soybean oil. Feeding is a regular meal, quantitative feeding, daily feeding to 2.5 to 2.8 kg is appropriate (depending on sow Biaoqing may be).

5. Lactation refers to sow delivery to weaning this stage.

The choice and control of lactation feed is the top priority of the whole production. Sow litter the day without feeding, postpartum feeding some warm bran soup + biochemical soup pills (3 to 5 pills / times) + brown sugar, and even fed 2 times to promote the lochia discharge and rapid recovery of physical strength. On the second day after delivery, feed about 1 kg of sow feed, 0.5 kg daily increase in feed, to 4 to 5 days to restore its normal amount of food.

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