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How To Choose Pig Farms And Pig Equipment?

- Jun 06, 2017 -

With the rapid development of China economy, the industry towards the direction of specialization, scale, intensive development, the domestic many large-scale pig farms also arises at the historic moment.Many large-scale pig farms also arises at the historic moment. In order to build a large-scale pig farms.To this, small make up on how to choose the pig sums up the following points to discuss with everybody.

How to choose a pig farms and pig equipment?
1. The production area
Production including all kinds of piggery and production facilities, which is the main buildings in pig farms, general building area accounted for about 70% ~ 80% of the whole total building area, kind of piggery requirements and other piggery is separated, form a breeding area.
Breeding area should be located in the stream of people and less on the wind farm, boars breeding area on the wind, prevent the smell of the sow to boars form bad stimulation, at the same time use the smell of the boar to stimulate the sow oestrus, delivery should be near a gestation crate and again want to close to cultivate the piggery.
Fattening pig house should be located in the wind direction, and is close to in pig station.When the design, make the direction of the piggery with local dominant wind direction in summer 30 ~ 60 degree Angle, so that each row of piggery get the best ventilation in summer.
In a word, should according to the local natural conditions, make full use of favorable factors, thus in the layout of production is most favorable.At the entrance of the production area, we should set up special disinfection or sterilization tank, to get into production personnel and vehicles to strict disinfection.
2. The feed control
Feeding control including pig production management necessary accessory buildings, such as feed processing workshop, warehouse, repair shop;Substation, boiler room, water pump room, etc.They have close relationship and the breeding of daily work, so this area should be adjacent to production area.
3. The sick pigs between isolation and waste storage area
Sick pigs isolation and waste storage place between these buildings should be far away from the production area, is located in the downwind, the low-lying place, lest affect production of pigs.
4. Veterinary office
Should be located in production areas, only to the area to open the door, to facilitate sick pigs processing, usually is located in the downwind direction.
5. The living quarters
Including office, reception room, financial room, canteen, dormitory, etc., this is the place where management personnel and family daily life, should be set up separately.Generally located in production on the wind, or in connection with the side parallel to the wind.Moreover pig should be built around a fence or a epidemic prevention, prevent harm animals and avoid other people into the area.
Path of 6.
Road to the normal production activities, to the health and epidemic prevention and improve work efficiency plays an important role.Stadium road net, dirt separation, cross each other, separate entrances and exits, the net is the function of the pedestrian and feed, product transportation and dirty way to transport waste, sick pigs and abandoned lanes of the equipment.
7. The water tower
Random water tower of water tower is the assurance of normal supply of clean water, location choice corresponds to a water condition, and should be arranged in the pig the top.
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