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How To Choose The Equipment Of The Farm

- Jun 06, 2017 -

First, the temperature of pig farm equipment

Although ventilation is an effective means of cooling, it can only reduce the temperature to close to the ambient temperature. Vacuum cooling system, spray cooling system and drip cooling system, because the latter three kinds of cooling system humidity, not suitable for childbirth and Aberdeen. Wet curtain - fan cooling system is the most mature evaporative cooling system, the evaporation cooling efficiency can reach 75% -90%, has been gradually used around the world.

Second, the disinfection equipment Pig farm commonly used in the field of cleaning and disinfection equipment, high pressure cleaner, flame disinfection and beating sprayer. According to reports, flame sterilizer and drug disinfection with the best use, with the first drug disinfection, and then disinfection of flame sterilizer, sterilization up to 95% or more. The following are the same as the "

Third, cleaning equipment

Modern pig farms are generally laid on the excrement ditch floor, pigs in the fecal waste floor defecation after urination, urine with the gap into the dung ditch, feces fell to the fried manure floor, after its stampede automatically fall into the following feces Ditch, so as to avoid contact with pigs and feces, is conducive to prevent and reduce the incidence of the disease. The following are the same as the "

According to its laying range in the pigsty, the loose floor is divided into two forms of full leakage and partial leakage. In the high-bed feeding area and the nursery should be used to avoid the waste floor, General use of local leakage dung floor (1 / 3-1 / 2 fecal floor). The pig's pond area is a fecal floor, while the feed and rest area is a solid ground. The key technical parameter of the fecal floor is the fecal dung width. There are various shapes, usually made of massive, strip or mesh. The materials used are cement, metal, plastic and so on.

  • Full Set Large Modern Broiler Farm Production Equipment on the Ground
  • Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse for Logistics Center /coldroom /hotel /shopping Mall
  • Steel Frame Feed Mill House
  • Steel Frame Prefabricated Pig House
  • Steel Frame Prefabricated Cattle Shed
  • Light Steel Structure Broiler Shed

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