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How To Maintain Chicken Equipment

- Jun 06, 2017 -

First, the chicken automatic feeding equipment Chicken automatic material line, chicken automatic material line in daily use, we must pay attention to do the following:

1, each raising a number of chickens, chicken feed line motor shaft filling butter maintenance, the motor bucket can drop a few drops of vegetable oil to prevent rust.

2, each raising a number of chickens, check the material line of the buckle and lift system and other places tighten the screws again.

3, wire control line switch and contact, check whether the loose, to prevent bad contact.

Second, chicken equipment, chicken automatic drinking whiskers precautions, poultry ball-type nipple drinking water in the daily use of attention to the following points:

With the nipple type drinking fry brood (under the custody of the case) and the commonly used tower vacuum drinking fountains compared to more advantages.

Third, the chicken equipment, heating equipment, chicken hot air stove use and precautions:

1. Chicken hot stove in the spring, summer and autumn to do less coal, ground to add coal to prevent the furnace temperature is too high to the shed blowing hot air.

2. Chicken hot air stove in each raised three batches of chicken around, to open the gray mouth to clean up the soot to prevent the ash too much, affecting the burning and warming.

3. Chicken hot air stove blower and smoke machine to do every batch of chicken filling a butter maintenance, to prevent the bearing failure.

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