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How To Make The Chicken Lay More Eggs

- Jun 22, 2018 -

How to make the chicken lay more eggs.

1. Create a suitable living environment for laying hens. To make the laying hens produce more eggs, we must try to create a suitable growth and egg production environment for chickens. We should take corresponding feeding and management measures according to the changing rules of different seasons. In the hot and humid summer season, should pay attention to sunstroke, strengthen indoor ventilation, keep dry sanitation, provide adequate clean water to the chickens, and to appropriately increase the feeding amount of vegetables, in order to improve the ability of chicken feed. In winter, we should pay special attention to the cold proof and heat preservation and artificial supplementary lighting of the henhouse. The temperature inside the house should be maintained above 13 C, and 15-16 hours of illumination.

2. pay attention to saving feed. One of the biggest expenses for raising chickens is feed, and the cost of feed accounts for more than 70% of the whole chicken cost. If the management is improper, it will inevitably cause a lot of waste of the feed. Reduce feed waste measures: first, trough installation height, depth, length and change according to the laying hens of different ages and cage density, feed amount can not exceed 1 / 3 of the depth of the groove, to feed less often add, reduce the slot left food, feed, feed to determine the egg laying rate, egg production rate of 50% - 60% in general, each chicken daily feeding amount of about 95 to 100 grams, egg laying rate of 60% - 70%, 105 - 110 grams daily feeding amount, the laying rate is 70%, the chicken on feed quantity is 115 - 120 grams, egg production rate reached more than 80% do not feed, in the limit, the chicken for ad libitum. The second is to break the beak. Because the chicken has the habit of planing food, the chicken should break the beak at the age of 7-9 days. At the age of 15 weeks, a beak should be repaired for those who have a bad beak. Third, the timely elimination of no laying hens or poor laying performance of the chicken. When the breeding end is transferred to the laying house, one should be eliminated. Where dysplasia, too small, too fat, disease, lack of energy should be eliminated. In the laying process, should be eliminated, chickens, chicken hatching chicken, chicken production disability. In the late laying period, the main production out of chicken, where crown beard, face pale, atrophy of the crown should be immediately eliminated hens. Fat and thin chickens should be eliminated immediately.

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