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Light Steel Structure Chicken Shed Strength On Chicken Breeding

- Jan 22, 2019 -

As chicken famer, there is always a constant annoyance, resolve worries, only to comply with the trend, only according to the law, we will achieve twice the result. Do not understand the physiological characteristics and habits of chickens, it is difficult to raise a good chicken, now the usual accumulation, sorting out a few points to share to want to raise chickens or do not understand the chicken friends. The main results were as follows: 1. Chicks were afraid of cold, and adult chicks were afraid of heat. The body temperature of newborn chicks was a little low, about 39.6 ℃, and the lowest temperature was 33 ℃. After 10 days, the thermoregulation system tended to be perfect and maintained the level of 41 ~ 42 ℃. Therefore, the environmental temperature of 0-1 week-old chicks is 35 ℃, that of 1-2 weeks old is 33 ℃, that of 2-3 weeks of age is 31 ℃, that of 2-3 weeks of age is 28 ℃, that of 3-4 weeks of age is 2840 ℃, and that of 4 weeks and more than 4 weeks is 24-20 ℃. The chicks should be heated according to the reaction of chicks to temperature and the environmental climate. For chickens, the most suitable ambient temperature during growth was 15 ~ 25 ℃. Chicken has no sweat gland, it mainly depends on respiration and heat dissipation to regulate body temperature, so it has poor ability to resist heat. If the environmental temperature is above 35 ℃ for a long time, there is a danger of heat death. Of course, too low temperature will affect the growth and performance of chicken on the one hand, on the other hand, will increase feed consumption and reduce economic benefits.


Secondly, the broiler's metabolism is exuberant, the growth is fast, the reproduction rate of the adult chicken is 41 ℃ 42 ℃, which is about 5 ℃ higher than that of the mammal, the respiration is 36 times per minute, the heartbeat is about 300 times, the metabolism is very exuberant. In order to ensure metabolic needs, rich nutrients and energy must be given. Chicken feed formula should be as comprehensive and balanced as possible. The body weight of the chicks was about 35 ~ 40 g when they first came out of shell. After 6-7 weeks of feeding, the broilers could reach 2000g, feed weight was 2:1 or lower. One laying hens could produce 15~17kg (280 ~ 320 eggs) a year, which was about 10 times of their body weight. The metabolism exuberant also produces a large amount of exhaust gas, exhaust gas and feces, chicken also has the higher request to the environment condition such as ventilation and air exchange.

Third, fear that wet chickens like a warm and dry environment. If the humidity is high, some pathogens and molds are easy to grow and reproduce, and chicken manure Ye Hui ferments produce harmful gases. In turn, it is easy to cause various diseases. 4 weeks of chicken house humidity is best controlled at 60-70, the maximum is not more than 75. Fourth, sensitive, timid chicken sensory organs are more acute, rich in neuroticism, especially some small breeds of layers. Any sudden emergence of new sounds, movements, objects, etc., will cause a series of stress reactions in chickens, such as screaming, leaping, escaping, flocks, etc. When the density is high, there will often be piles, crushed and crushed to death, etc. Results in laying hens stop production or easy to lay eggs, no yolk eggs, double yolk eggs and other abnormal eggs.


Fifth, like to live in groups, good fighting, love to imitate the flocks of chickens very strong, generally do not act alone, just a few days out of the shell of the chicken, will find the group, once the crowd on the call more than. Males and hens have a strong nest recognition ability, can quickly adapt to the new environment, automatically return to their original habitat. At the same time, refuse to enter the new chicken, once the new chicken will fight, until one of the defeated, especially the rooster. Chickens love imitation, intensive feeding, if the level of nutrition, feeding management technology can not keep up, because of the large density of chickens, will often cause anal pecking, feather pecking habits, each chicken will follow one after another, if not timely take measures, there will be a large number of pecking death danger. (6) the weak body resistance and poor disease resistance of chickens are manifested in many aspects: the lungs of chickens are small, there are many airbags connected to them, and there are airbags in all parts of the body, including the bone cavity, which are connected to each other. As a result, some airborne pathogens can easily enter the lungs, airbags, body cavity, muscles and bones along the respiratory tract. Therefore, most of the infectious diseases of chickens are transmitted through the respiratory tract, the incidence is rapid, the mortality rate is high, the later diseases are more, and the losses are large. Chicken reproductive tract and excretory pore open in the cloacal cavity, the eggs are easily contaminated by feces and urine, also prone to salpingitis. The lack of a diaphragm in the central cavity of the chicken makes it easy to transmit abdominal infection to the important organs of the chest. Chicken has no formed lymph nodes, the lymphatic system is not perfect, and the transmission of pathogens in vivo is not easy to be controlled by itself. Once infected, it is easy to become ill. Therefore, under the same conditions, compared with ducks and geese, chickens have poor resistance and low survival rate.


7. Suitable for intensive-scale feeding The artificial hatching technology of the chicken makes the one-time one-time hatchling up to ten thousand, and provides a chicken source for the intensive chicken-raising chicken; the rapid assembly property of the modern light-steel structure chicken house, the quick extensibility and the fast molding property can be realized, The invention provides a reliable and high-quality environment for the intensive chicken, and the modern cage and the flat-breeding equipment provide a solid backrest for the intensive chicken. Under the condition of uniform feeding and management, the growth and development of the chicken is quite regular, and the activity range of the chicken is small, the happy group and the love imitate, and by controlling the illumination time and the intensity of the chicken house, the opening and the evening and the order of the chicken can be controlled, so that the large-scale loose-breeding or cage-breeding can be made possible. The high-density feeding improves the utilization rate of the chicken house, the chicken cage has a perfect day, and a single-layer or multi-layer light-weight steel structure chicken house is easy to build, and a chicken house can raise tens of thousands of chickens to be a reality, and labor is saved, so that a new target of high-yield and high-efficiency cultivation is realized.


The appearance of the high-quality and durable light steel structure chicken house has advanced the scale, the intensification, the standardization and the further development of the culture scale, and it is suggested that the friends who are committed to the cultivation cause the chicken house, which has the following characteristics:


  1. The construction period is short and the construction period is about one-third shorter than that of the traditional chicken house. It can speed up the construction period of the farmed chicken house, reduce the pressure of capital occupation, reduce the risk of market change, and improve the investment benefit of the farm. 2. The requirement of base load of light steel structure chicken coop is reduced accordingly, which can greatly reduce the cost of foundation and the cost of civil foundation. 3. Chicken coop has good sealing, can do no dead angle, can hide steel structure, cleaning and disinfection is especially convenient and saves manpower 4, hot dip galvanized anticorrosion, excellent structure design aseismic and wind-resistant, select high quality insulation and heat insulation material, Heat insulation sound insulation performance 5, building materials can be recycled, environmental protection.5



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