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Management Method Of The Broiler Breeder Chicken Farm

- Jan 18, 2019 -

The following is the specific management method of the broiler breeder chicken farm. 

1. The brooding period. 

(1) The brooding house and the appliance used shall be cleaned and disinfected. 

(2) The chickens before the age of 42 are about 15 per square meter. The brooding house and the heat preservation umbrella shall be heated in advance so that the ground is kept at 30-32 & deg; C. After that, the temperature is reduced by 2 & deg; C to 18-21 & deg; C every week. 

(3) Drinking water and drinking water. The primary brooding is preferably used for drinking warm boiled water (the water temperature is about C.). The plastic vacuum type drinking device is used before the 6-week-old age, and the drinking water tank can be used later. The minimum of 1. 5 cm of drinking water is required for each of the chicks. and 

(4) feeding the material. In the first 2-3 hours after drinking water, the feed can be spread in the material tray. Each of the 100 chicks should have a square 40-60 cm feed tray, and the chicks will take 6 times a day, every 4 hours every time. the feed tray is removed after each meal to prevent the chicken manure from accumulating. to make a difference 

2. The limit feeding measures. 

(1) When the ground leveling method is adopted, 4 to 5 square feet are raised. 

(2) The position of the material barrel is to be evenly distributed, so that the chicken can conveniently eat and drink water within the range of 3 meters in diameter. The “feeding day” shall be supplied at the same time as the feed, after which the water shall be supplied for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours. Water is supplied for 20-30 minutes every 2-3 hours at the “stop date”. Don't limit its drinking water in hot weather. 

(3) Lighting 1. The time of growth can be increased, and the sexual maturity can be promoted. in that early stage of the mature period of the chicken, it is necessary to delay the increase of the light. In the hot season, all the supplementary lighting time is to be arranged in a cool time in a day. The time of light can never be reduced when the chicken group has already made an egg. During the growth of natural light, the egg production is also increasing, and the feed intake of the chicken is increased correspondingly. 

(4) Weight and limit feeding. limiting the feed intake of the bred chicken can delay the sexual maturity time and increase the weight of the egg. to make a difference It is generally required to reduce the feed intake by about 27% in order to achieve the desired body weight. 

(1) The daily feeding of the small hens is limited, but the feed amount is lower than that of the free feed. 

(2) daily limit feeding. The daily feeding is carried out on the other day, and the two-day quantity is measured and given for administration. and ensuring that the individual of the chicken group can get the intake opportunity. At the time of the stop, feed some grains, such as oats, barley, sorghum, rice, etc., with an average of 9-10 grams per day, with some gravel (250-500 grams per 100 chickens). 

3. The egg production period. 

(1) when the feed is transformed to the age of 23 weeks (161 days), the bred chicken feed is started to be converted into the laying hen feed. 

(2) Raising the density ground for 4 animals per square meter. In a 2/ 3 slotted flat-mesh chicken house, five per square meter can be raised. 

(3) The production practice shows that the temperature of the chicken is above 5 ℃, and the breeding of the chicken can show good performance. The relative humidity of the chicken house is required to be 65%. to make a difference The illumination intensity of the breeding chicken is suitable for incandescent bulbs of 3 watts per square meter. The ventilation and ventilation of the chicken, in summer, is suitable for 10 cubic meters per hour of every chicken; in winter in North China and Central China, it is suitable to use 5 cubic meters per hour of every chicken, and it is suitable for every chicken in the cold area of China for 2. 7-3 cubic meters per hour. 

(4) The egg-producing box is in an open or closed type of chicken house, and is provided with 2/ 3 of wood strips or bamboo strip floor net, and the floor net is 60 cm away from the ground. The egg-producing box shall be provided on such a floor. The egg-producing case should be placed so that the hen is familiar with the egg-producing place two weeks before the hen is near the start-up. The general requirement is that every four chickens have an egg-producing nest, and the bottom of the egg-producing nest should be put into a lifting type, so that the egg-producing nest can be closed at night so as to prevent the chicken from standing at night to pollute the bedding. to make a difference In the morning, the living rack before the egg-producing box should be put down first, and the chicken can be allowed to enter the nest for 4 to 6 times. 

(5) The circumference of the feeding and drinking water-type chickens, which account for the long-strip food-feeding trough or the feed bucket, should be guaranteed to be 15 centimeters per day, and every day the chicken feed is three times, early, noon and late every day. The sum of the feed 3 times should be equal to the day feed intake of this breed of chicken in this feeding stage. When the chicken reaches the age of 32 weeks, the chicken group reaches about 80% of the egg production peak, and the “guide method” feeding (or heuristic method) should be adopted. That is, on the basis of the feed intake of every chicken in the original day, 5 g of feed is added per chicken every day, and if the egg-producing egg is no longer increased, the feed amount is returned to the original feed amount. If an egg can rise, it's not until the peak of the egg. It is generally considered that the material is not reduced before the age of 40 weeks. When using self-flow drinking water tank, each chicken shall have a minimum of 2. 5 cm long slot. The drinking water tank should be brushed every morning. The water tap should be turned off every day when the chicken is closed, and the chicken manure on the ground floor shall be removed once a day, and the bedding shall be replaced once a week. The feeding management methods and requirements for broiler chickens are as many as that. I'd like to offer some help when you're feeding your broiler.

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