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New Conditions For New Pig Farms

- Jun 06, 2017 -

New pig farm site selection, site planning, road setting, orientation, layout and the ground should have some necessary conditions.


1, site selection and construction conditions

Site according to the local perennial dominant wind direction, located in residential areas and public buildings under the wind to the Department. Site terrain high dry, flat, in the hills and mountains to build the field should try to choose sunny slope. The slope must not exceed 20 °. There are convenient traffic conditions. Pig farm sufficient water, easy access, easy to protect. Distance from the traffic distance of not less than 500 meters, from residential areas and other livestock farms of not less than 1000 meters.


2, field planning 

Pig farm construction facilities should be in accordance with the management area, production area and isolation area 3 functional areas, the functional area boundaries clear, easy to contact. Management area should be located in the production area perennial dominant wind direction and the higher ground, the isolation area should be located in the field area of the dominant wind direction of the lower wind direction and lower. The management area includes the living facilities of the staff, the facilities of the pig farm, the production facilities (the depot, the garage, etc.) which are in close contact with the outside world. The production area mainly includes nursing homes, breeding homes, fattening pig houses and related production auxiliary facilities ; Isolation areas include veterinary rooms, isolation homes, sick pigs incineration, fecal sewage treatment facilities. The spacing between the functional areas is not less than 50 meters, and there is a quarantine belt or wall.


3, road setting 

Pig farms and the outside world should be connected with a dedicated road. Road to clear the road and pollution road, both strictly separated, not cross, mixed with.


4, pig position 

The direction and spacing of the pig house must meet the requirements of the illuminated, ventilated, fire and epidemic prevention, and the long axis of the pig is about 15 ° south or south. Adjacent pig house vertical wall spacing of not less than 7 to 10 meters. Adjacent pig house wall spacing of not less than 1 meter. Blocking the wall from not less than 10 meters.


5, pig house layout

Pigs should be arranged along the long axis of the piglets in a single or multi-row arrangement, both ends of the pig and the middle should be set in the horizontal channel.


6, pig floor

Pig should be used hardened ground, the ground should be 1 ° ~ 3 ° to the manure at the tilt, the ground is strong, easy to wash, can tolerate all forms of disinfection.

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