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Scale Greening Of Pig Farms

- Jun 06, 2017 -

1 green effect

1.1 landscaping area environment

Do a good job in the greening of the field area, not only to beautify the field capacity, absorb harmful gases, reduce odor, improve environmental conditions, but also for the work of workers, pig growth to create a comfortable and healthy production environment, can effectively improve labor productivity.

1.2 green can absorb harmful, toxic substances in the atmosphere, filter, clean the air, reduce odor

Intensive pig farms due to the large amount of feeding, high density, from the pig house emissions of carbon dioxide is concentrated, while a small amount of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases discharged together, due to the pig farm green plant photosynthesis can absorb a lot of carbon dioxide , Release fresh oxygen. At the same time many plants have a strong adsorption of a variety of harmful gases.

1.3 Green can adjust the temperature of the field area, improve the field microclimate

Trees through the shade, reduce the sunshine radiation, trees and grass foliage area were 75 times and 25-65 times the planting area. Leaf water evaporation can absorb a lot of heat, reducing radiant heat 50% to 90%, so that the green environment than the green area can be reduced by an average of 2-59C (10% - 20%). Reduce the wind speed, interception of precipitation, transpiration and other effects, can form a comfortable and pleasant microclimate. 

1.4 Greening can reduce dust and bacterial content in the field area

In the pig production process can often cause the indoor air contains a lot of dust, and pests harmful pathogenic microorganisms that are attached to the dust, pig house dust on the health of pigs constitute a direct threat. As a result, the number of microbes in the air is much greater than in the atmosphere. According to reports, the sow production circle per liter of air in the bacteria 800-100 (), fat farmers have 300-500. Through the green plant leaves adsorption and adhesion retention, so that the amount of particles in the air is greatly reduced, so the number of bacteria attached to the corresponding reduction. After the rain, the trees can continue to play the role of dust, while many of the trees buds, leaves, flowers can secrete volatile phytomycin, with a strong bactericidal force, can kill some harmful to humans and animals pathogenic microorganisms The 

1.5 green can be purified water 

Trees are a good water source filter. A large number of turbid, odorous sewage flows through the broader forest grass, deep layer, through the filter can become clean, tasteless, so that the water

content of bacteria to reduce more than 90%, thus greatly improving the pig farm water quality.

1.6 green can reduce the noise 

The internal transportation of the pig farm, the movement of the machine, the sound produced by the feces removal, and the twitter of the pig itself, the feeding, walking, and the brawl can produce noise. These noises have a negative effect on the rest, feeding and weight gain of the herd. Trees and vegetation have the effect of absorption and reflection on noise, can reduce the noise intensity. 

1.7 conducive to epidemic prevention, pollution prevention. But also can play a role in isolation

The shelterbelt and the isolated forest belt planted between the areas of the farms can prevent the movement of humans and animals and reduce the chance of transmission of the disease.

2 Greening planning should follow the principles 

2.1 in the planning and design of the pig farm before the natural conditions, the nature of production, size, pollution and other conditions to conduct a full investigation. From the protection of the environment point of view, reasonable planning. Reasonably set the type of pigs on the pig farm, the number of head, so as to optimize the ecological conditions of the pig farm itself. 

2.2 Greening of pig farms is an integral part of the overall planning, in the pig farm construction planning at the same time green planning. To be in a unified arrangement, the principle of a unified layout, the planning should not only have long-term considerations, but also have the recent arrangements to be coordinated with the staging of the audience.

2.3 green planning and design layout should be reasonable to ensure safe production. Greening can not affect the underground, ground pipelines and workshop production lighting.

2.4 in the selection of green seedlings to consider the characteristics of the functional areas, terrain, soil characteristics, environmental pollution and so on. In order to achieve good green landscaping effect, the choice of tree species, in addition to its consideration to meet the green design function, easy to grow, anti-disease and other factors, but also consider its strong anti-pollution and air purification function. To meet the functional requirements of the premise, but also appropriate combination of pig farm production, planting some economic plants, in order to fully rational use of land, improve the economic benefits of the whole.

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