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Some Principles To Consider When Designing A Pig House

- Jun 06, 2017 -

When designing a pig house, the following principles should be considered in advance, and these principles require the production system and the rims to be guaranteed:

1. "zero" mixed group principle

Do not allow any mix of different sources, which need to consider the preparation of isolation homes.

2. The best practices

Always keep the use of the ring, which requires a balanced production system to determine.

3. According to the principle of grouping piglets

Pigs of different stages can not be together, which is the basis of the whole system.

4. Nursery homes

Most need to focus on the construction of the content. For health needs, need to take into account the details of the insulation and insulation. High requirements of the standard, must be all out of the design, fully enclosed and full leakage structure.

5. Pregnancy and breeding

Do not need all out of the whole, but the requirements are limited column structure, easy to according to physical condition feeding and management. The boar is mixed with the sow. Need to provide a larger breeding column and pay attention to the ground can not be designed too smooth.

6. Delivery room

Related to the health of the survival rate after birth, requiring all out of the whole, the production of the column and the whole closed form. Need to have a thermal roof, easy to heat and full flushing disinfection.

7. Large pig (growing, fattening or breeding pigs) homes

Focus only on the area of the field to ensure and brick walls are solid, the other is as simple as possible.

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