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Breeder Chicken Farm Equipment

Breeder Chicken Farm Equipment

Find your poultry farm solution here with rich experience and fast delivery .Hapy poultry and livestock farm construction company provides turnkey delivery on steel structure poultry houses and all the necessary poultry farming equipment , so the client can get started straightaway. Our breeder...

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Breeder chicken farm Equiment 

Our breeder farm pan feeding system including the following aspects :

  1. Main feed delivery system.  

2. Automatic feeding system for male chicken

3. Automatic pan feeder for female chicken

4. Auto water nipple drinking system

5. Ventilation system , Environment manage system

6. Egg collecting system : automatic or hand gathering    

7. Poultry slat and manure cleaning system (More information pls contact us)

Nest and manure pit position :  High-low-high  or low-high-low

3--2.jpg 3-1.jpg

Below are chain pan feeding type shed projects in China

Service :

  1. One-etop purchase of poultry shed and equipments.Also including related equipments for a farm, like slaughter line, hatchery, feed mill, etc.

  2. Quotation of prefab chicken shed and equipment will be offered in 2 days after knowing your requests.

 3. CAD layout of shed and inside equipments.

 4. Installation and training. 



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