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Broiler Poutlry Control Shed Equipment

Find your poultry farm solution here with rich experience and fast delivery .Hapy poultry and livestock farm construction company provides turnkey delivery on steel structure poultry sheds and all the necessary poultry farming equipment , so the customer can get started straightaway.

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Hapy poultry farm construction company  can give you the turnkey poultry project solution. we can both supply the Pre-feb steel structure chicken house and the poultry farm equipment. you only have the land we can finish all the work for a chicken farm. 


We will Give you the best quality products and best service. we are professional for the chicken farm we have our own chicken farm and run it already 11 years, also can treat your workers to breed the chicken. 


There three kind of Poultry shed you can choose , open shed  , half open shed ( using curtain system and environment controller  )  , Environment control shed  ( closed house ) .

we have much experience in chicken breeding and Environment control shed  design and construction .  

we can design the farm layout drawing , chicken shed size  , offer detail CAD drawing if you can offer some detail information of your land size  , wind direction  ,and other climate daters .

The Poultry control shed equipment consist of chicken feeding system  , water drinking system  , water cooling pad system  , ventilation fans ,air inlet on side wall  and Environment controller .  

 Usually we use AGRO LGOIC BRAND Environment controller :  610 , 616 and Image Ⅱ .

our project show for poultry control shed and equipment :  


Feel free to sent me your detail requirement on poultry control shed requirements  . 

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