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Broiler Poultry Farming Equipment

Find your poultry farm solution here with rich experience and fast delivery .Hapy poultry and livestock farm construction company provides turnkey delivery on steel structure poultry houses and all the necessary poultry farming equipment , so the customer can get started straightaway.

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Hapy farm construction company  can give you the turnkey project solution. we can both supply the Pre-feb steel structure chicken house and the poultry farm equipment. you only have the land we can finish all the work for a chicken farm. 


We will Give you the best quality products and best service. we are professional for the chicken farm we have our own chicken farm and run it already 11 years, also can treat your workers to breed the chicken

 Our featured poultry farming equipments  as below :

1.Auto Main feed delivery system
2. Auto Pan feeding system 
3. Auto Water Nipple drinking system
4. Auto Ventilation system
5. Auto Environment control system
6. AutoSpraying and disinfecting system
7. Auto Cooling pad system
8. Auto heating system
9. Auto Curtain system 


1.    Automatic feed delivery system of full set poultry farming equipment 

Steel Feed silo/manpower hopper is the beginning of main feed line

It is used to convey feed from silo or manpower hopper into feeding line hopper automatically .

We can offer the silo capacity at 7ton, 10ton  , 16ton ,18ton  ,20ton  . 

We can offer the bigger manpower hopper capacity at 800 kgs  , 1200 kgs and 1500 kgs .


2.    Auto Pan Feeding/Feeder System for broiler poultry farming  Equipment 

Automatic Pan feeding line system consists of hopper ,motor .feed pipe and auger .

Performance parameters of feeding line system


(1) High-quality special driving reduction motor. Power: 0.75kw 380voltage


(2) Hopper capacity :105 l and 200 l

Material: Hot-DIP galvanized sheet. Coat120g/m2


(3) Feeding system: Diameter of conveying pipe: Diameter: 45mm

Spring auger from South Africa feeding capacity: 450kg/h.


3. Automatic nipple drinking system of poutlry farming Equipment 


This system can provide fresh and clean water for poultry which is crucial for the growth of Poultry. The stem of nipple drinker can rotate freely at 360 degree to meet bird water demand of different period .



4. Automatic ventilation fan system for poutlry farming equipment 


This system controls climate conditions, fresh air, humidity and temperature in poultry shed, it is vital for growing birds. This system include Poultry house fan, Cooling pad, Air inlet window


5. Environment control system for poutlry farming equipment 


This system saves the labor and the resources under the condition of assuring the optimum growth environment of the chickens. It is imported from Israel can set an optimum working mode according to the local climate and raising environment


6. Spraying and disinfecting system for poultry farming euqipment 


This system effectively cools, humidifies, dedusts and disinfects the hen house(the temperature can quickly reduced by 3-8 degrees centigrade within a few minutes)


7.Water Cooling pad System for poultry farming equipment 

A. When the air goes through the pad, the heat will be took down by the evaporation of water, so the air will be cooled before going into the chicken farm.


8. Heating system(heater) for poultry farming equipment 

*Proper temperature is critical to chickens, especially day-old chicks, we have different kindsof heater for poultry house  .  There are Natural gas (LNG)fired heater  , diesel fired heater , and(LPG) fired heater  electricity fired heater for your option .


9.Curtain system for poultry farming equipment

In some tropical zone, the farmers are inclined to use curtain instead of real walls(open farm),they will not use big fan accordingly.

Our curtain have two kinds for your choice, manual operated one and motorized one.




What information you are supposed to provide to get a quick price?

a.  Farm land size (Length*width )

b.  Chiken house size : (Length*width*height for breeding area )

b. Quantity of chickens in one house

c. Weight of chickens while for sale

d. Chicken farm location and local climate condition (temperature, humidity...);

e. desentity : ? birds/m2

warranty :

1. all plastic products are made of virgin raw material such as the feed pan , water drip cup ,clips , air inlet  15 years      

2. Nipples : 10 years      

3.The accesorries such as the bolts ,nuts ,pulley ,water winch ,rope clips are stainless steel       

4. Feed motors from Italy brand Transtechno  or Taiwan Brand      

5. Auger from South Africa technical system      

6. Feed sensor from Germany      

7. Control box :Schneider brand or china ZhengTai brand 


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