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Turn-key Poultry Farm Construction

Hapy farm construction company can give you the turnkey poultry project solution. we can both supply the Pre-feb steel structure chicken house and the poultry farm equipment. you only have the land we can finish all the work for a chicken farm. We will Give you the best quality products and best...

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Hapy farm construction company  can give you the turnkey poultry project solution. we can both supply the Pre-feb steel structure chicken house and the poultry farm equipment. you only have the land we can finish all the work for a chicken farm. 


We will Give you the best quality products and best service. we are professional for the chicken farm we have our own chicken farm and run it already 11 years, also can treat your workers to breed the chicken.



The setting of broiler chicken is directly affect the infrastructure investment, operation management, production organization, labor productivity, economic benefits and environmental condition field region and epidemic prevention hygiene, so a reasonable houses setting is essential, have to follow the following principles.


1 poultry farm Houses Setting

According to the direction of the landlords and the ground of the broiler farm, the houses setting have to fllow the wind direction from the upper wind direction to the lower wind direction, and the terrain from high to low, the production area should arrange breeding sheds,and commodity sheds . The order of breeder sheds have to be first is pullets sheds, growing sheds and laying sheds. The Hatchery plant have to keep a certain distance away from chicken houses, which can the enterance of production area. For the large scale chicken farm, the hatchery plant better located in a separate hatchery plant, the fence or green belt have to grow around the hatchery plant.


2 poultry Sheds arrangment on site


1) The house sheds are generally require horizontal in rows and vertical columns; As far as possibl to set sheds in square shape, so as to avoid narrow rows waste feed and increase manure transportation distance and the inconvenience of management. if on one site more than 4 hourses, and can be arranged in single row type. If More than 4 buildings can be arranged in double rows or more rows.

2) When the houses is set in one row,one side of house should be clean road, and if the houses are closed system, the dirty road have to be at the end of ventilation fans' side. When the houses set in two column way, the middle middle is clean road as the air inlet , and the other two ends where ventilation fans are installed of houses as dirty road.

3) The sheds which is more than two , the setting have two follow the rules : the sheds have to site from east-west, north-south direction; net road face to the East, dirty road face to west ; air inlet at beginning of house from horizontal which face to South, vertically airout to dirty end.

4) If more than 2 houses: the houses setting is from East-West, north-south direction; net road is in the middle, dirty road is on both ends of houses; airinlet from horizontal, air outlet from vertical where is dirty roads.


3 The  poultry sheds direction


The chicken houses direction is determined by the local geographical latitude, location environment, local climate characteristics and related construction. On one hand,House Suitable facing can reasonably use the solar radiation, not only avoid excessive heat enter the sheds in summer, but also maximum allowed solar energy come into sheds in winter; on the other hand, can reasonable use dominant wind direction, improve the ventilation conditions, so as to enhance the house environment control .



4 Chicken houses distance


The chicken houses distance is directly effect the houses lighting, ventilation, epidemic prevention, fire prevention and occupation area of the houses. The houses distance can be designed according to the following aspects.
1) The distance of Chicken Coop is according to sunshine. Chicken houses is generally face south or south facing toward the bias angle, thus the house distance requires that the front house in winter can not stop back house sunshine. Normally the two houses distance is from 9~12 m, which can basically meet the requirements of the rear house sunshine.

2) The idstance of chicken coop is according to the ventilation. Proper spacing between the sheds ensures houses ventilation , as well as deduct the influence of foul air from the upper wind. When the house spacing is 3~5 times higher than the eaves of the house, it can meet the requirements of ventilation and sanitation and epidemic prevention. If use Vertical ventilation, and which the exhaust air is on both sides of the house. The spacing between the sheds can be reduced to 2~3 times as high as the eaves of the henhouse, which is usually 6~9 M


Besides steel poultry shed  and poultry farming equipment , we can also supply other related machine such as poultry slaughter line  , Feed mill  , Rendering processing equipment and hatchery machine  .

We can offer turnkey poutlry farm construction service .

Turkey key poultry farm construction pictures :  




What information you are supposed to provide to get a quick price and design of poultry farm construction ?


a.     Farm land size (Length*width ) It is better you can offer the CAD land drawing .

b. what project do you plane to built on the land ?

c. how many birds do you plane to produce one year  and chiken final weight for sale ?

d. Chicken farm location and local climate condition (temperature, humidity...);

e. how many circles one year ?


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