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Poultry Slaughtering Equipment With Prefab Slaughter House

Poultry Slaughtering Equipment With Prefab Slaughter House

Material for steel poultry slaughter workshop Delivery & Packing: With more than 2000tons capacity each month, deliver time will better than local manufacturer. Packed in container by sea or by train, with stable package for no damage during transpotation. CERTIFICATE: Steel Structure...

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Product Details

Poultry Slaughtering Equipment with Prefab Slaughter House


Processing LineEquipment Needed
Living Birds Conveying LineCrate Conveyer
Slaughtering Line Chain Conveying Line
 Bleeding Trough
 Scalding Machine
 Plucking Machine
 Head Cutter
 Claw Cutter
 Claw Unloader
Evisceration LineChain Conveying Line
 Evisceration Trough
 Working Table
 Carcass Unloader 
Pre-chilling Line Pre-chiller
 Carcass Collecting Trough
Cutup Line Cutter
 Working Table
Deboning LineDeboner
By-products Processing LineGizzard Grease Seperator 
 Gizzard Peeler
 Claw/Feet Peeler
Other EquipmentWeight Grader

Processing line


Chicken slaughter line equipment



 Prefab Steel Structure Slaughtering house

Item nameMaterial characteristicsMaterial GradeSurface Treatment
Concrete Foundation BoltSteel rod M24,M27,M30,M33,M39,M42Q235B
Steel ColumnH/C section steel, Box, steel pipe, Hot rolled sheetQ235B,Q345BPaint or Hot dip galvanized
Steel BracingSteel rod, Steel pipe, Angle steelQ235B,Q345BPaint or Hot dip galvanized
Steel BeamH/C section steel, steel Truss, Hot rolled sheetQ235B,Q345BPaint or Hot dip galvanized
Steel PurlinC or Z section steel, steel purlin, C100 ~ C320, Z160 ~ Z300 Thickness:1.8mm~3.0mmQ235B,Q346BHot dip galvanized
External wall panel, Roof panelSingle colorful corrugate steel sheet, Sandwich panel with EPS, Rock wool, Pu, Glass wool etc.,Steel sheet, T=0.4~0.8mm, sandwich panel, T=50~150mm,
 W=950mm or 960mm
Alu-zinc 150g, 
Fluorocarbon paint
DoorSandwich Panel rolling doorSteel or Aluminum sheet, T=1.0~1.5mm Paint or Hot dip galvanized
WindowAluminum alloy-Glass, T=1.0~2.0mmAlloy

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